Wire EDM

Wire EDM using innovative technology

Whenever a complex variety of shapes and the manufacturing of tools with high precision in the μm range are needed, EDM is the way to manufacture parts from initial sample to series production.

EDM wire erosion

Wire EDM, also called spark erosion cutting, is a shaping process. All electrically conductive materials (including massive PCD), regardless of hardness, can be processed to a precise shape and extremely narrow cuts are possible even for very thick materials.

The manufacturing of extremely small geometrical contours and slots, ruled surfaces in any combination as well as cylindrical and conical cuts with variations of angles on small and large workpieces is possible with Wire EDM, as well as with turn EDM. Fine, grained, three, dimensional geometries and even highly complex shapes can be processed quickly and precisely, even in materials such as Inconel, titanium or tungsten carbide that are very difficult to machine using conventional methods. In addition, rotation Wire EDM is a technical speciality for rotationally symmetrical parts that are either impossible or very difficult to manufacture using conventional techniques.

Important technical data:

  • Extremely fine surface quality with Ra = 0.2 μm
  • Extremely small wire diameter: 0.1 mm up to 0,33mm


  • 5x GF Machining Solutions Progress 4
  • 2x GF Machining Solutions Progress 3
  • 5x GF Machining Solutions Progress 2
  • 1x Agie Challenge V3


  • Length x width up to 1300 x 1200 mm
  • Height up to 710 mm
  • Weight up to 4000 kg


  • Maximum travel distances: x, y, z 800 x 550 x 710 mm
  • Travel distances: u, v ± 700 x 400 mm

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