Drill EDM

3- and 5-axis Drill EDM

Drill EDM allows fast, efficient manufacturing of one-off or production parts with multiple-hole drilling patterns and individual holes at different angles, as well as simple start hole drilling for Wire EDM. Even the smallest of holes can be drilled, regardless of the hardness of the material.

Drill EDM is a special application of Die Sinking (also called fast hole EDM) and is used especially when high feed rates are required. During the manufacturing process the electrode turns, leading to an even burning and rapid erosion of the workpiece. CFK can drill precision holes with diameters ranging from 0.35 to 7.5 mm and a height of 800 mm on 3- and 5-axis machines.

Our 5-axis Drill EDM machines are a speciality,capable of handling complex components of hard-to-machine materials, for example those used in the gas turbine industry.


  • Start holes
  • Cooling air holes
  • Instrumentation holes for R&D
  • Vent holes
  • Removing of broken cutting tools

Important technical data:

  • Hole diameter from 0,35 mm up to 7,5 mm


  • 3x 5-axis Heun APos 1200
  • 1x 3-axis Heun APos 1200 solid
  • 1x 3-axis Heun APos 600


  • Length x width up to 2000 x 1200 mm
  • Height up to 800 mm
  • Weight up to 3000 kg


  • Maximum travel distances: x, y, z 1200 x 600 x 800 mm

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